Do you instruct under 18's? Important Info!

Please note our policies will cover you to instruct children aged 14 and above.

However there is some confusion in the fitness sector regarding qualifications in respect of instructing children (under 18's) in a gym.

The content of Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) courses were changed after 2010 to provide some training specifically in respect of the delivery of training to children.

All gym instructors/personal trainers who obtained a qualification which is recognised on the qualification and credit framework (QCF), after 2010, are likely to have taken a module or component qualifying them to adapt their mainstream session to accommodate the occasional 14-17 year old participant.

Currently, all Level 2 gym instructor/exercise to music and Level 3 personal trainer QCF qualifications contain the following or similar instruction in respect of 'child specific' activities:

Instructing exercise to children/young people age 14-17 in specialist gym-based exercise sessions

If you do not hold a QCF gym instructor, exercise to music or personal trainer qualification which included training for child specific activities then you are advised to read the up-skilling CPD module which covers content and training on 14-17 year olds under the heading 'Upskilling: Young People (14-17 years old)'. The module can be viewed here.